Thanks to the commitment of Sto and VeroStone the exterior facade of the new centre for indoor climbing in Eichstätt was realized


Playful handling of natural stone

A combination of light and dark, of larger and smaller stone areas give the façade of the cube-like building a graceful air. With the design competence of StoDesign an architecturally impressive natural stone façade was realized, which is highlighted through the combination of the Sto thermal insulation composite system, black fibre cement slabs and photovoltaic panels. As a building within the Jura area, surrounded by quarries it was a must that the stones shaping the area would be visible on the building.

Novelty: large sized natural stone on thermal insulation composite system

Jura and Shell Limestone tiles in various sizes were glued to the Sto thermal insulation composite system “Sto Therm Vario”. With that the modular stone / thermal insulation composite system was realized for the first time with slab sizes up to 100 cm length to a height of 12 metres. The various shades and surface finishes (sandblasted and honed) of the natural stones created an architecturally impressive yet at the same time functional façade.

VeroStone is also present in the interior areas: floors, staircases and window sills are made of VeroStone® Jura Cream with sandblasted and brushed surface.