VeroStone - Company history

Milestones in the history of nature and company

  • 2015
    unites the two long-established companies Neumeyer & Brigl and Hemm.Stone.
  • 1882
    HEMM.STONE:  The stone mason Carl Schilling establishes the Shell Limestone industry in Kirchheim.
  • 1877
    Neumeyer & Brigl: The first quarry owners on the Blumenberg discover the famous prehistoric bird Archaeopteryx.
  • from 160 A.D.
    Jura quarrystone is used for towers and forts of the Roman limes.
  • 140 million years ago
    Jura Limestone originates from the lagoons of the shallow sea of the Upper Jurassic period:  besides lime, plants and animals are deposited, which solidify and form the Jura Limestone with its famous fossils.
  • 240 million years ago
    Shell Limestone forms through the deposits of shells, skeletons und calcareous remains of animals in the primal Franconian Sea, which harden to create a sedimentary rock.