Jura Limestone: durable, unique, timeless

Jura Limestone, with its inviting and warm tones, is one the world’s most sought after natural stones. Its wide array of choices in colour and texture and its versatile, low-maintenance surfaces are unique

The warm colour shades, ranging from light beige to blue, and superb fossilized deposits of ancient ammonites make each piece one of a kind.

Its durability allows Jura Limestone to be used as flooring in the most demanding areas such as shopping malls and airports. The hardness and density of this special stone will allow it to be polished to a mirror finish.

The excellent technical properties have led Jura to being used, internally and externally, vertically and horizontally, in a variety of climates around the world.

The same qualities make the stone perfect for under floor heated systems.

One geological characteristic of Jura Limestone is its vast reservoirs with consistent quality, meaning the largest scale projects can be realized. This gift of nature is a symbol of timelessness and durability.