VeroStone® Slim - Integrated complete system

The perfect Thin Stone System for Interiors

Just 4-mm-thick, the genuine natural stone is supported by a statically perfectly suited facade carrier board. This is ideal as a carrier for solid, high-quality surfaces made from stone.

The VeroStone® Slim complete system has undergone indicative testing and, with a rating of A2-s1,d0, has been classified in the "non-combustible" building material class.

Thin Stone element including fixing system

The VeroStone® thin stone element is completed with an ingenious fixing system: the board carrier profile, which is screwed directly to the carrier board, is extremely easy to insert into the supplied wall agraffe. The integrated adjustment screws allow VeroStone® Slim to be perfectly centred.

Moving it along the wall agraffes aligns the element horizontally; the lightweight, easy-to-insert individual elements allow them to be replaced without any hassle.