Kvartal 38A

Architect: Mosproject-2, studio 11

Moscow, Russia

"Kvartal 38A" is the name of the large business class residential complex in the Moscow district of Obruchevsky. The buildings differ in design and architecture, some have 6 storeys, the highest 22, however, the exterior facades are kept in a similar style: clinker, granite but above all Jura Limestone.

The lower levels are clad with 3 cm thick Jura Noce wall panels with honed surface, the upper floors with sandblasted panels made of Jura Cream. The slab sizes of 60 cm in width and up to 140 cm in length as well as the contrasts between darker and lighter stones across the large-scale facades are spectacular and lend each building an appealing look.

Inside each housing block a spacious lobby, elaborately designed with Jura Limestone, provides access to the apartments. Predominantly kept in Jura Cream, with walls and floors made of polished and honed large-format slabs, the brightly lit entrance areas present themselves as elegant and stylish foyers.

Installed in selected areas on the walls Jura Cream split face panels clearly stand out against the smooth surfaces and thus set striking accents.