Villa Vienna

Vienna, Austria

In the centre of Vienna, yet untouched by the bustle of the city and surrounded by the green, rises a mansion with a striking front: On the entrance side, a stepped roof and angles in the façade, which follow each ledge, break the straight layout, resulting in a rounded shape.

The only 1 cm thick Jura Cream natural stone slabs were installed in the size 61,0 x 30,5 cm as thermal insulation composite system on the exterior façade. Its light colour is contrasted on the ground floor with VeroStone Ocean Blue panels of the same size, framing the windows and the entrance door.

The sandblasted and brushed surface of the natural stones gives the entire building an unobtrusive yet elegant look.

Natural stones also create a stylish atmosphere inside the villa. Wall panels of Jura Beige with sandblasted and brushed surface frame the indoor pool.

The regularity of the material is interrupted by a combination of panel in sizes 30x30cm, 30x60cm, 60x60cm und 90x60cm. Installed alternately in thickness 1 cm and 3 cm, the result is a dynamic play of light and shadow.